The Salvarti laboratory in Mosta is equipped with state of the art technologies catering for movable property disinfestation. Whilst undergoing the disinfestation procedure, the items being treated are handled only by qualified personnel ensuring safety and effective results.

The initial stage of the treatment takes place in a quarantine area and consists of analysing the magnitude of the infestation through acoustic technologies. At this point the technicians can determine the best disinfestation approach applicable for the particular needs of the object in question.

Unlike more traditional disinfestation methods the treatments carried out by Salvarti are proven to be fully effective.

Both the Microwave system and the Anoxia treatment provided by the company are proven to be the safest and the most effective treatments available, delivering a thorough ecological disinfestation without the use of chemicals throughout the process. Apart from safeguarding the environment the absence of chemicals in the process makes it possible for the object to be used again by its owners immediately after the treatment.

Mobile Microwave System

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