Objects made of wood, paper and textile are exposed to irreversible acute damage by a variety of pests especially if left unprotected. Salvarti Co. Ltd offers a range of specialised services targeted towards the disinfestation and long-term preservation of sensitive articles without the use of any toxic chemicals in the process. The innovative high-end technology used by the company is proven to be safe and non-invasive,
hence unlike other alternative disinfestation methods; the risk that valuable items being treated may be exposed to is avoided.
Salvarti has over the years developed into a one-stop shop for its esteemed clients whereby movable property in need of disinfestation can also be professionally restored and delivered ready to be enjoyed by its owners.

Mobile Microwave

The Mobile Microwave technology is the latest innovative equipment which targets the disinfestation of unmovable wooden objects such as wooden beams, parquet and other structural elements to ensure the elimination from biological pests through the use of microwaves.

The thermal effects of the microwaves, in relation to the interaction of electromagnetic fields with water molecules, increase the temperature of the materials and arthropods irradiated, up to a controlled deadly level for all biological forms without causing any alteration to the object being treated.

Mobile Microwave Technology has proven to be a non-invasive, safe and effective treatment for the pest control of unmovable objects of all kind of wooden structures which are generally subjected to the attack of woodworm, mould and fungi. Thanks to our thermal infrared cameras, we are able to read the heating process in order to ensure the right temperatures have been reached for the full effectiveness of the treatment.


The application of microwave technology for disinfestation purposes has been introduced in 2001 and is based on the evidence that most biological forms do not survive over a certain temperature, commonly referred to as the “Lethal Temperature”.

Studies and tests conducted by the Scientific Laboratories of the Vatican Museums and various Universities have proven Microwave technology to be non-invasive, safe and the most effective method of treatment for pest control of sensitive objects made of wood, paper and textile which are usually subject to woodworm infestation, moulds and fungi.

Microwave disinfestation relies on the absorption of electromagnetic energy of microwaves by water molecules contained in the pest infesting the object under treatment, leading to the parasite’s immediate mortality once the lethal temperature is reached.

No chemicals are used in the disinfestation procedure hence the objects are safe to use immediately after treatment.The MISYA (Microwave System for Art) used by Salvarti Co. Ltd. is the only one of its kind in Malta and apart from being the most effective method of disinfestation; its chamber is spacious enough to house bulky items in need of treatment. The disinfestation process using the microwave technology at hand by Salvarti is beyond doubt the most rapid and cost effective disinfestation solution to date.


Objects undergoing the anoxia treatment are wrapped in a special air tight plastic film bubble and kept enclosed under computerised monitoring at the Salvarti laboratory for 21 days.

During this period oxygen is gradually replaced with nitrogen gas resulting in effective disinfestation. Salvarti is the only local company equipped with top of the range technologies specifically able to carry out the anoxia treatment in such a way that the object treated is not subject to an environmentchange shock during in the process. Studies show that works of art in
particular are very sensitive to such an environmental change. Salvarti as the leading disinfestation company specialising in works of art treatment, follows a specific protocol during each and every intervention of this nature ensuring a perfect balance between safeguarding the items under treatment and efficiency.

Insect detection
and monitoring

The initial phase of the disinfestation procedures carried out by Salvarti Co. Ltd. consists of detecting the presence of insect infestation by means of acoustic technologies.

This is a very important process by which qualified technicians are able to determine the magnitude and stage of the infestation. Occasional monitoring of valuable articles exposed to such risk can help identify the problem at an early stage and hence counteract accordingly in a cost effective way.
Salvarti has now introduced the insect detection and monitoring sessions as a standalone service for the benefit of its esteemed clientele. These sessions can take place both onsite or alternatively at the Salvarti laboratory against a nominal fee.

Furniture restoration

Salvarti Co Ltd. is committed to provide a pleasant service experience to its clients from beginning to end. Hence the company has over the past years extended its range of professional services to also include furniture restoration, closure of insect holes, furniture redecoration and delivery serving as a one stop shop to its esteemed clientele.